This is how a President should handle our income tax code.  As I stated earlier, Rand Paul is also proposing the flat tax.

It’s time to make this happen.  The tax code shouldn’t be this complicated and it shouldn’t be biased on success.


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Like a Boss!


The exposure of the Obamacare lies has driven Obama’s approval numbers down to the lowest point of any American President other than Nixon’s.  And as Obama falls, so does his progressive ideas.  Now is the time to put an end to all these policies once and for all.

And run them into the river!


Keep Calm And Bill Whittle .Com!

This is The Most Epic Article Ever! written by Bill Whittle with illustrations.


This is The Most Epic Article Ever! written by Bill Whittle with illustrations.

I have a new blog!

Me and a couple other people have started a new blog. It’s a conservative political blog:

Devoted to conservative political pundit and space enthusiast William Alfred Whittle.

Because, Bill whittle is true to traditional American values and that certain genius for world domination that our country needs.

If you’re interested.

Something is killing people. But it’s worse than that. Something is changing people. Changing people into… big bats? Or changing people into – them? Well, you can see how something like that would be a problem. And you can see how a small group of heavily-armed, tech-savvy, and likely clinically insane regular citizens might band together and track down and kill these things. What you can’t see are the Predator drones, the secret activation of their home webcams, and the white semi trucks of the government agencies determined to stop them.

From a new feature film that they’re working on at

New Afterburner.  From Bill Whittle’s new site.

In which he points out that Common Core is Obamacare for education.

The great conservative political pundit and filmmaker Bill Whittle, and team, has just launched a new website,, where all of his videos and commentary exist on the same site.

New updates on practically everything; in addition to Arroyo and Aurora, they are working on another feature film called Big Bat Problems?  Featuring Aliens vs. Armed American Civillians vs. Government.